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Hot Tubs and More

Barnett Electric is happy to work with you and your general/landscaping contractor on your project to make the backyard, patio, garden, and/or deck of your dreams.  Providing quality electrical installation of:

  • Hot Tubs/Spas/Saunas
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Heaters

From hot tubs, exterior lighting and fountain power, to outdoor radiant heat, Barnett Electric endeavors to provide discrete and seamless electrical installations; allowing your project to be free of unsightly conduit, cables, and cords.


Increasingly common 60-Amp spa panel, becoming necessary for larger hot tub models with more jets, built-in speakers, and entertainment systems.


Infrared radiant heaters make your patio more enjoyable for those cooler months.


Installation photo

signal-2024-07-18-101452_003 signal-2024-07-18-101452_002

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